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The SOAR Method

The SOAR Method is a unique scientific approach to regaining natural alignment which can improve function and even offer chronic pain relief.  My clients will tell you it is life-changing!

Some of the things we may work on are posture, core strength, gait mechanics, pelvic floor function, diastasis, breathing, prenatal or postpartum issues, peri or postmenopausal issues, and stress reduction.

The human body is a whole. We don't look at it in little isolated bits at SOAR. For example: If you come to regain strength after having a baby we will probably work on breathing too so you can connect your breath to your pelvic floor and avoid future problems while getting stronger.


The Assessment


When you first begin working with SOAR you will undergo a digital full-body structural assessment which will be sent to you so you can see your alignment now to have a better understanding of your goals and we can later compare so you see your results clearly. To do this virtually you will take a couple of pictures of yourself. If that doesn't work for you at this time I can still assess you via teleconference. We will also look at your breathing and movement patterns and go over a thorough history.


The results of your structural assessment are used to guide the design and successful implementation of your exercise program to best meet your goals. We will find the areas of tension that need to be loosened up and areas which need strengthening. The exercises are simple and use very little equipment. Since they are tailored just for your body you know you'll be able to do them with relative ease.


You will also receive homework! You may choose from our app,  a notebook of written instruction, or our email support with pictures and video links to your exercises so you can be easily reminded of how to do the exercises in case you forget. You will get the best results if you get into a routine of doing your homework as prescribed.

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