Pregnant belly



Your pregnant body is going to go through many changes. How it functions will shift a lot. That is true for people sitting at desks as well as athletes. 

SOAR will help you move through these changes so you can get stronger, move and function well throughout your pregnancy. 

SOAR programs reduce your risk of:


Pelvic floor dysfuction

Diastasis recti

Back Pain

Pubic Symphysis Pain

SI Joint Pain

Your SOAR journey will begin with a FREE consultation to make certain SOAR is the right place for you. If for any reason you or Tanna feel you need a service SOAR cannot provide we work with a wide network of midwives, doulas, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other birth professionals to connect you to so you are ensured to get what you need to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. 

Next we will do a thorough assessment. We will look at existing muscular imbalances, breathing patterns, and discuss pelvic health, any areas of concern, goals, and lifestyle so Tanna can construct the best personalized program for you. 

Your private sessions will include 1 on 1 time with Tanna to go over your exercises, insure your form is safe, check in about any new concerns or changes before you get your homework which is deliver via an app which includes video to remind you of form. Generally we will meet once a week, but that will depend on your pregnancy, goals, and schedule. 

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga