Beginner Pilates 6 Week Series



April 7th-May 12


In the Pilates Beginner Series you will learn the best way to workout at home with no special equipment!


We will meet on Zoom and if you can't make it live you can watch the recording of the class later. The recordings aren't perfect, but you will also be able to join our SOAR Pilates Facebook group and ask questions and view private videos there.  

This is a 6 week series and each week builds on the last so registration will end on April 6th.

If SOAR is able to reopen the studio before May 12 you will have the opportunity to meet in person or stay with the Zoom class which will be broadcast from the studio. But SOAR will not reopen until it is completely safe to do so.

The in person version of this class was $75 for the 6 weeks, but you have the opportunity to pay what you can either upfront or by the week. If you can't pay right now you don't have to. Just register and you will get the link to the class either way. 


All online classes are now "pay what you can even if that is $0."

If you would like to pay any amount over $0 please click the 'donate" button to pay through paypal, but don't forget to register below as well so I can send you the link to the Zoom class.

And thank you for sticking with SOAR through a difficult time for all of us. Love, Tanna

Beginner Pilates

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