July 17, 2018

I have a pet chicken. I used to have 4, but just one now. Did you know chickens sunbathe? The first time I saw it it was over 100 degrees and Lulu the hen who has long since departed was recovering from an illness that took her flock down quickly. I look out to see her lying in the sun looking as if she had given up on life. Of course I ran out to move her to a cooler spot but she knew what she was doing. She hopped up and ran off. I remembered all I had read up about chickens and realized what was going on. Lulu was sunbathing to balance her hormones and kill off the virus that had cruelly killed her sisters. She recovered and lived several more years. 

As I write this it is 106 degrees and feels like 128 with a UV index of 12 (...

July 11, 2018

 Repeat after me: I do not need to elevate my heels to elevate myself. I am feminine, powerful, and beautiful in flats or even barefoot. 

I'm not saying I haven't worn my share of heels, and I'm not saying you have to throw out every pair of heels and never wear them again. You may want to do just that after reading this post. You'll at least want to wear them less and know what to do to counteract them by the end. 

Wearing a heel, even a tiny one, causes imbalances all the way up the spine, harms the pelvic floor, and is damaging to anyone with a diastasis recti. They are responsible for knee pain, back pain, pelvic pain, plantar fasciitis, corns, bunions, and even headaches. 

When you wear heels you place unnatural pressure...

July 10, 2018

I fell in love with the smell of roses as a small child. Despite being told it smelled of "old ladies" or was old fashioned I just naturally loved it.

Now roses are one of the few plants that survive my rather brown thumb and I love everything about them: the scent ( I grow old varieties that still have a rosey scent), the delicate petals, the layer, and even the thorns. A rose garden isn't all beauty and pleasure, but also thorns, as is life. So I see roses as a metaphor for life. If you aren't careful you'll get pricked.

My first encounter with roses as anything other than decorative was in 1995 when I took my first aromatherapy class. The instructor discussed the rose oil being used in a diffuser in times of great loss and/or c...

December 27, 2017

Another post on the Pelvis. I warned you there would be more!

This picture is of Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall of Core Exercise Solutions holding a model pelvis. In the top left you can see from the side she is holding the pelvis in a posterior tilt (PPT). Her hand is kind of in the way, but if you look you will see the pubic bone is just a hair ahead of the ASIS (or hip bone, if you prefer).

On the top right we see her holding the pelvis at this same angle, but we can see straight down. Notice how open it is. If we took a golf ball and dropped it into the pelvis it would drop straight through!

The bottom left shows Sarah holding the pelvis in neutral.... well, actually she has it in a slight anterior tilt (APT) so the pubic bone is sligh...

December 19, 2017

It has been a while since I posted the first in the pelvic floor series mostly because sitting and typing at a computer doesn't agree with me, but I won't leave you waiting any longer. So here we go!

Today I'm going to talk about your pelvic floor, how it is connected to your diaphragm, and pressure. I know you're super excited! Or is it just me that finds the pelvic floor super exciting? Either way we all have one and I'd encourage you to learn about these things to save you a lot of trouble in the future or even correct trouble you're already having.

Pelvic floor problems come in different ways with different symptoms and causes. Basically we have the pelvic floor that has totally given up and isn't showing up to the party, or t...

September 22, 2017

So today is the Fall Equinox and National Fall Prevention Day. I haven't blogged in a while because it requires a lot of sitting at a computer and I have to practice what I preach! I did make you a quick unedited video showing an "exercise" that addresses the top risk factors for a fall. It doesn't nearly cover all the ins and outs, but I hope it helps. If you want more information on fall prevention please join a Saturday class or make an appointment with me :-)

Oh, and the "yeah" at the beginning of the video is courtesy of my youngest son. I did warn you it is unedited.

In Health,


August 18, 2016

How often do you move? Rather than counting steps this week I'd like you to really pay attention to how much time you spend moving, or more likely not moving. If you are a client or take classes with me I want you to report back to me on that one too.You ALL have homework this week!

So, why is this important? Why do we have so much pain? This is what I'm going to try to cover in this post. It may be long, but stick with me. I will offer simple things you can do to keep you from being another painful statistic. You will thank me, or call me names for removing your comfortable and convenience mind-set. I'm okay with either. 

Who is sedentary? The person with a desk job, a teenager who plays games on his or her on their com...

April 18, 2016




I've been pretty quiet lately. Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging, but I'm here now and I'd like to address boxes.



We all have our boxes. Your box may be a routine, a place you workout, or an Amazon smile box ;-)



My boxes are all of the above and I try to escape them regularly.


Let's address movement boxes. We box ourselves in movement-wise in different ways. One is the way in which we move. Maybe you love yoga. I do! Maybe you do yoga all the time. Fine. If you are doing yoga and not doing other types of movements you have a yoga box. The same with weights, pilates, running, and even corrective exercise. There are a billion ways in which you could move your body and they are all good. But you need to use all the bi...

March 21, 2016

A few posts back I talked about alignment and posture and how when someone is "standing up straight" they may be doing more harm than good. One reason, and it is a biggie, is that to hide their thoracic kyphosis (the curve of the upper spine between the low back and neck) they thrust their ribs forward. Let's discuss what this looks like, how to tell if you do it, and why it is bad.


Go stand with your back to a wall, your feet a few inches away, and your butt touching the wall. 


If your upper back is not touching the wall you, my friend, are a rib thruster. Like me in this picture on the right. It isn't the best representation, but you can see my back is not in the same plane as my butt....

March 1, 2016

After arriving home from buying plants that probably won't survive my not-so-green-thumb this afternoon I noticed Kate Hudson on the tv talking about health.


Ms. Hudson has a new book out addressing health. Within this very attractive and colorful book is nutrition advice. I actually heard her say that she didn't want to put too much science in the book because she wants it to be 'accessible'. Um... nutrition is science... But Kate has accomplished her goal. There isn't any science within this pretty book.


To be fair Kate Hudson did not come up with the theories in her book. It is based on an idea that has been around a while and has recently gained some popularity. The Alkaline Diet. 


A few years ago, before studying movem...

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